W.L. Liberman believes in the power of story telling but is not a fan of the often excruciating psychic pain required to bring stories to life. Truthfully, years of effort and of pure, unadulterated toil is demanded. Not to sugar coat it, of course, writing is a serious endeavor. It is plain, hard work. If you’ve slogged away at construction work, at lumber jacking, delivery work, forest rangering, sandwich making, truck driving, house painting, among other things, as he has, writing is far and beyond more rigorous and exhausting. At the end of a long, often tedious, usually mind cracking process, some individual you don’t know pronounces judgment and that judgment is usually a resounding ‘No.’ This business of writing is about perseverance and stick-to-it-iveness. When you get knocked down and for most of us, this happens frequently, you take a moment to reflect, to self-pity, then get back at it. You need dogged determination and a thick skin to survive. And an alternate source of income.

W.L. Liberman is currently the author of seven novels, two graphic novels and a children’s storybook. He is the founding editor and publisher of TEACH Magazine and has worked as a television producer and on-air commentator.

He holds an Honours BA from the University of Toronto in some subject or other and a Masters in Creative Writing from De Montfort University in the UK. He is married, currently lives in Toronto (although wishes to be elsewhere) and is father to three grown sons.