Welcome to ‘My Love of Reading for Its Own Sake.’ I’m sure many of you have noticed that the book publishing industry is experiencing periods of chaos and upheaval. The role of virtually everyone within that structure has changed dramatically. Publishers, generally speaking, no longer do what they did before except for the very select. Agents and editors have taken on roles that once fell within the domain of the publisher. Authors have become independent and self-reliant out of necessity faced with a vast range of tools and resources to enable them to publish and reach an audience. As these events unfold, my personal view remains that the reader often seems to be left out of the equation. There seems to be an enormous amount of clutter and frenetic activity occurring out there, wherever ‘out there’ happens to be.

I made a personal decision to circumvent all of that by reaching out to readers directly. As a result, I am making two manuscripts to start, available to anyone who is interested, free of charge. I encourage you to download them directly from this Web site and forward and share as you wish. I should also say these are not fly-by-night manuscripts, that I have spent years working on each and each has been professionally edited and designed. To maintain this commitment, I can only provide the manuscripts in an electronic format, either e-pub or pdf versions. I am well aware that roughly 75% of book purchases are made in hard copy. Unfortunately, I can’t provide hard copy books free of charge and of course, there is a shipping cost too. Simply, I hope you enjoy the reading experience. The two novels are quite different in subject matter. Please read the accompanying descriptions. And please feel free to comment constructively, if you wish. I should also mention that each novel contains adult content and may not be appropriate for those under 17 years of age.

SDasVidanya_6x9_Fetting: Toronto, 1960.

Mo Gold and Arthur Birdwell aka Birdie, are fish out of water. Mo—Jewish and sardonic. Birdie—Black, thoughtful and gargantuan. Private detectives. Read more.



The protaganist is Mordecai Goldman—a man born of chaos and steeped in violence. The story spans the 1920’s to the present day. The reader is engaged in Mordecai’s life from the moment his little brother, Simmy, comes home with a knife stuck in his shoulder. Read more.